How to?
As painters we are driven by a constant inquiry, which fuels our creativity. Such questions are
  • what should I paint
  • what format is ideal to display my theme
  • what colors should I use
  • what is the difference between tube paint and self ground pigment
  • how do I layer paint
  • what mediums should I use
  • how can I keep my passion flow
    or the simple question what makes a good brush a good brush?

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ASK more: 310 883 4526 or at liebepaintings@gmail.com
Where? At the Brewery Art Complex
600 Moulton Ave Studio #204
Los Angeles CA 90031

Judith has studied oil painting at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris and has explored the secrets of the Old Masters. She encourages artists of all painting disciplines to explore the technique of oil painting to find their own voice.