A painting creates a holy space.
I take interest in painting Light.
Painting should speak about the understanding of our Vision and not attempt to tell a story that can better be told by other media. It is here that we find the difference between an ephemeral installation and a painting, which is surrounded by powerful silence.

Working on the visible has taught me to see. I believe that the illusionist quality of a painting becomes real by revealing its visionary qualities.

Judith Liebe


born in Munich, Germany; daughter of film director Eckhart Schmidt and actress Isolde ter Jung. Living in Los Angeles, USA.

- Concept Art, Prof. Klaus Böhmler, HBK Hamburg
- Philosophy & German Literature, University of Hamburg

- Painting, Prof. Daniel Spoerri, Academy of the Fine Arts, Munich
- Studies of nudes with Heinz Butz, Academy of the Fine Arts, Munich
- Philosophy and History of Fine Art, LMU, Munich
- Painting, Leonardo Cremonini, École des Beaux Arts, Paris | Masterdegree summa cum laude
Copies of old masters at the Louvre, Paris and at the Alte Pinakothek, Munich

After her first solo exhibition in 2005 at Frank Pictures in Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, California Judith moved to Los Angeles where she still resides

Solo Shows:
2011 Brett Rubbico Gallery, Newport Beach, CA - 2010 David Jones Gallery, Venice, CA - 2008 "Pandora's Box", Marble Arch Fine Arts, Los Angeles - 2008 German Consulate, Los Angeles - 2007 Galerie "Kunstblick", Berlin - 2005 Frank Pictures, Bergamot Station, Los Angeles - 1999 "Forum 69", Hamburg - 1998 Galerie "George Remas", Toulouse - 1997 Association "x-ture", Neuilly sur Seine - 1994 Galerie "Combat", Paris - 1992 Galerie "d' Aventure", Paris - 1991 Galerie des Beaux Arts, Paris - 1987 Galerie Schanzenviertel, Hamburg

Group Exhibition:
1987 HBK, Hamburg - 1988 ∼ 1990 Academy of Fine Arts, Munich - 1989 Galerie des Beaux Arts, Paris - 1993 Galerie des Beaux Arts, Paris - 1999 Brigitte Henninger, Seefeld - 2000 Brigitte Henninger, Seefeld - 2001 Brigitte Henninger, Seefeld, ArtLounge, Cologne - 2005 Galerie Andreas Binder and Brigitte Henninger, Munich - 2006 Alte Post, Munich

Private Collections:
Bernd Eichinger Private Collection